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Our Lady of Conversion

Our Lady of Conversion

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Our Lady of Conversion is a 15.7" Stone Sculpture is the one with the simplest design. This characteristic makes a perfect gift or meaningful detail for any kind of home or space.

This product is made of concrete, a premium material with the look and feel of natural stone. Our handcrafts' sculptures allow us to portray finer detail and greater strength, longevity, and durability than other materials. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Polish White Stone

Shipping & Returns

You'll receive your order an estimated 5 days after shipment..

If you hace any problem with your piece don’t worry; send us a photo at or a WhatsApp at +1(830)415-8395, so we can help you.

Please, take into consideration that each Virgin is handmade, so each piece is unique and varies from one another; we have strict quality control to ensure a product of the highest quality.

If you want a refund, it usually takes a week to process the refund if applicable but in the end, it depends on your banking entity.



Size: 7 inches

Weight: Average 7oz


Size: 15.7 inches

Weight: 4.7lbs

Cleaning Instructions

Our pieces are made of quality and durable materials, so much so that you can put them in the garden without; however, we recommend cleaning them only with water or soap; try not to use any cleaning liquid or chemical.

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Jazzmine, Texas

My mom and I both got one and she already received hers and is in love with it ! I had mine delivered to her house and it's there. I just haven't had a chance to go over but I can't wait to open it.


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